Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Not-So-Secrets of Business Success

There are a few simple things that business owners can do that will create a successful enterprise. It's so strange that many business owners overlook the obvious and wonder why they are not enjoying success.

1 - Choose your location carefully. The cheapest rent is not necessarily the best reason to make a location determination.

2 - Decorate your business is bright but tasteful colors. Be sure the showroom area is well lit and there are plenty of windows to allow in natural light and allow for showcasing of your products.

3 - Hire the best possible employees. Pay more than your competitors and train your employees better than anyone else. Bring them in early on a weekly basis and buy breakfast.

4 - Hire a janitorial crew to clean your business regularly. Employees should not spend their time during business hours to clean the place. Let professionals handle that job after hours. A clean business is a successful business.

5 - Decide who is your target market and advertise heavily to bring your customers in. Activity creates business.

6 - Treat your customers with respect and provide the highest level of service. You will be rewarded with free referral business.

7 - Keep your inventory and fixtures current. Don't be afraid to mark down or discard stale product. Products that are old, dusty and discolored from age are not good indicators to your customers.

Of course there are several more obvious things you can do to ensure the success of your business and we will discuss those next time.

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