Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Get The Word Out There

I was impressed with a marketing video that was posted on Facebook by a young family member about his unique business. I was drawn to watch the short video clip and amazed at how well it was done. I commented on the good job he was doing marketing his start-up enterprise and he responded "I'm just trying to get the word out"!

That's really what marketing is all about. You can have the best product or service in the world and if people don't know about it you will not be successful. The basics of what type of product/service you offer, where you are located and your basic business hours should always be someplace where customesr, or potential customers, could access the information.

Not too long ago I got interested in making wine as a hobby. I searched the internet for information and finally ordered some supplies and started making wine. On a trip to California I was able to locate another wine making supply store and actually browse through it and brought back a box full of supplies all the way from California.

About a year into my wine making hobby, as I got to know other people and make connections, I learned that there was a wine and beer making supply store just a couple of blocks from my house that had been in business for years. I was shocked and flabbergasted. This business that could have been a great source of information and supplies was hiding just up the street from the place that I have lived for 10 years and I never knew it.

If we all operated the way this little store operated, we'd be out of business. I needed his products and advice and in all my searches could not locate him or even hear the business existed.

So be sure your business is "out there" and the world, your customers, know what you do and where to find you. That's the basic step in successful marketing.

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