Thursday, November 11, 2010


No matter how great your products are or how wonderful is your personalized service, in order to attract and keep new business your pricing must be competitive. Good pricing is not what you need to charge for your enterprise to be profitable, but what customers are willing to pay for your products/services based on location. (convenience)

Too Much Advertising?

Spending too much on advertising or not spending enough? It's not the amount of money you spend to market your enterprise, it's the plan that makes it work. Even in a down economy some businesses grow. Don't blame economic conditions for business stagnation, blame your marketing. (or lack of it)

Business Basics

Do you sell products in a retail location? Check on your basics, sometimes we let them slip: Are the windows and floors clean? Is the sales space well lit and uncrowded? Are your displays fresh, well lit, prices marked, and easy to see? There a a few basic retail techniques that the big chains live by and many small businesses ignore.

Got Good Employees?

How difficult is it to bring in new customers and yet, how easy it is to lose them? An improperly trained or managed employee can cost you customers and you never know it. Monitor, manage, encourage and reward those that interact directly with your customers/patients. They can bring you more business OR cost you more customers than you realize.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Business Website

A business website that truly is intended to attract customers and drive business requires a fine line of graphics, photos and information. Too many graphics and videos and people don't wait for them to load. Simplicity for the facts: How quickly can a web visitor find the information they need to do business with you? Location, pricing, promotions, hours, etc.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Forest or Trees?

It's easier to drive customers away from your business than attract them. Simple things like unkempt exteriors, parking issues, pricing/value ratios, etc are easy to resolve if you stand back and do a good business self-inspection. Most business owners don't see the forest for the trees . . .

Monday, November 1, 2010

Move Into the 21st Century With Your Marketing

Let us help you build your business on Facebook, Twitter and other social networking - internet marketing sites. There is no cost to you! If you're in business and have a Facebook page that's not driving business your way, you need help. Don't let FB tie you down with no results. Let us show you how your FB page can help your business grow.