Friday, February 5, 2010

Getting The Most For Your Efforts

Have you heard the word "upsell"? It's a process by which a salesperson attempts to persuade the customer to purchase upgrades or add-ons to an existing sale. I define upselling a little differently.

When I think of upselling I think about value-added or relationships established. I think in terms of taking the simple sale to the next level of the business affiliation. Not only can you upsell products, you can upsell your service.

For example; A customer comes into your cell phone store and buys a cell phone. The most basic upsell would be to add a car charger, leather holding pouch and other necessary additional products.

We suggested to one of our clients they put a coupon for the ancillary item in the box of the main product. Therefore when the customer opened their cell phone box, they had an instant reminder that they needed to purchase additional items, and they could get a discount for making the extra purchases now.

You can upsell service in a similar way. Once a client has successfully benefited from the services you offer, you can suggest or recommend other services that you or your colleagues may provide that could be beneficial. When you upsell your client to a service that your business associates my offer, you are creating a referral network. You should benefit from the referrals from others in the network.

Whenever you successfully create a sale of any product or service, that is the very best time for creating additional business opportunities.

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