Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Advantages of Small Business

Sometimes it seems like the small business person is being crushed by the giant corporations. They seem to have all the resources and we are just trying to make a decent living. But there are definite advantages small businesses have and we should be taking advantage of those.

First, we can react quickly. There's no need to convene a board or get home office approval. If something changes and we need to react, we can make the decision and move on it.

Secondly, we can control the delivery of our products and services right to the front line. If you are like most small business owners, you are working the front counter or within ear shot. So you know what your employees are telling your customers. There's nothing better for improving customer service than for managers or owners to work the counter, to experience the real world.

Small business owners hear directly from their customers the things we are doing right and wrong. When a customer calls a business for help and is answered by an offshore call center of a large corporation, all the poor customer can do is complain to their friends. The large corporation just keeps shoving that poor quality of service down our throats. And we accept it.

But when the customer talks directly to an owner, the business owner can understand quickly how he can provide a better level of service locally.

Small enterprise operators must understand they can market their products globally, but to compete against the giants they must service their products locally.

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