Thursday, February 11, 2010

Convenience - A Deciding Factor

We know price plays a big part in a customer's decision to patronize a business. But one of the biggest factors is convenience. There's no doubt that potential customers would much rather make their purchases in the most convenient location if the price is relative.

Small businesses with limited advertising resources need to consider who their most probable target audience is. The neighborhood, people and businesses located nearest your business are the most likely potential customers to do business with you IF they know your enterprise exist.

You can target the geographic area within a small radius of your business with direct mail and localized print advertising. Purchase a list of all the potential customers within a five-mile radius of your location and acquaint those people with your products and services with special offers and possibly coupons.

Many times if you can get a customer into your business the first time and their shopping experience is positive, they will return again and again. Your job as the marketer of your enterprise is to be sure your new customer will become a repeat customer. Remember, you only get one chance to make a first impression.

Programs to guarantee repeat business can be established to ensure customers continue to come to you for your products and services. Possibly offer a guaranteed trade-up of a product that may sensitive to changes in technology, or possibly offer free cleaning and repair or even free annual inspections. Anything you can do to bring that customer into your business over and over enhances your chances of future sales and referrals.

Look locally for the best possible customers for your business. And when you are successful at attracting new customers, be sure a system is in place to take advantage of the new relationships and ensure future patronage.

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