Friday, May 14, 2010

Your Customer - Your Best Marketing Tool

Each time I call the customer service department of large companies I hear the same phrase that is part of their script: "Is there anything else I can help you with today?" I know this is the script and I know they really don't mean it. These customer service representatives have scripts they follow AND they're being timed on the efficiency of each call. Basically, they're trained to attempt to resolve your issues and get the next call as quickly as possible. That's how big companies see everything.

However, when I call or go into a local business sometimes they seemed rushed to many other things. Maybe the small business owners could take a lesson from the large companies and always attempt to provide more than the customer has requested, even though the large corporations customer service rep probably didn't mean it.

The next time you answer a call or wait on a customer in your business, stop just as you finish the sale, look the customer in the eye and in all sincerity ask "is there anything else I could help you with, today?" Then remind the customer that if they are happy with the service/products you've provided to please refer a friend AND come or call back again.

We customers appreciate someone who has shown a genuine interest in our patronage. And believe me, customers will return and will recommend their friends when they feel that connection with the business.

It's in the business owners best interest to show a genuine interest in your customer. The rewards will be great and continuing.

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