Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sluggish Sales?

Why are sales sluggish? Are your sales and marketing efforts what they should be? Do you (and your sales staff) know where to find leads and potential customers? And if so, what are you doing to reach them? Most consumers and businesses make purchases because THEY seek out the company, not because the company came looking for them.

It's a shame that potential customers are buying your product everyday and would be buying the product from YOU if they knew you were there and knew you had good prices and good service. But no ones bothered to tell them.

When they looked on the internet your website was far from impressive. There were no contact emails for the sales department and no individual phone numbers, only the main office number. Links were broken and some of the pricing was outdated.

Create a presence in brick and mortar and on the internet that has no rival. Make your business the cleanest, most well-lit and welcoming in the neighborhood. And make your internet site the easiest to use and most informative. Your web site can be your cheapest and best sales person.

Do the things it takes to succeed, don't moan and groan about the economy if you're falling short in your business management.

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