Sunday, January 31, 2010

People and Business that offer a Service Could Take a Few Lessons, too!

We've talked about business that sell products and have storefronts and all the things they could do to improve their business and their customer's impressions of them. Most of the same principles hold true for people and business that sell only service. Such as real estate agents, mortgage brokers,advertising and insurance agents, etc.

Try these basic concepts on your website to help your business grow:
1. Be sure your website is easy to navigate and contact information readily accessible - don't make the customer search for a way to contact you
2. Put email addresses with every agent along with telephone numbers - some folks like to email, not call
3. Be sure your web pages load quickly, even on slower connections - most people are not going to sit and wait for a fancy multi-media page to load when they are seeking information
4. Check your own website often and from varied locations and computers to confirm how it loads and looks to others. The message you may be trying to get across may not be making it to your potential customers.

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