Sunday, January 31, 2010

Business Hours Neet To Be Convient for Customers, Not Necessarily Employees.

When someone decides to go into any type of business venture we assume their motive is to serve the public successfully therefor creating profits, and making money. You cannot produce sales, income and profits unless people patronize your business and pay for your products and/or services.

Therefore if you would like to be successful, you should always set your business hours to meet the needs of your customers. The type of business and customer expectations usually demand when your enterprise is open and available to do business.

I know of too many small business that set their operating hours based on their and their employee's own convenience, therefor costing them business. If you are happy with status quo, that's fine. But don't ask how to improve your bottom line unless you are willing to make changes sometimes that may be inconvenient.

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